Hunter Region

Tooth n Care is humbled to serve the local Maitland community in the last 4 years and is continuing to do so.


Mai-Wel Group

In the last 4 years we have built a strong relationship with Mai-Wel Group which is very prominent in our community for helping people with disabilities. We have also provided traineeship/employment to the young job aspirants from the group. Our team members have also participated in Mai-Wel events for support.

Mai-Wel Group

Active participation in BNI and Maitland Business Chambers

Tooth n Care has built strong business relationships with local businesses with the help of BNI(Business Networking Group and Maitland Business Chambers. We feel very fortunate to be a member of these groups which inspire us and connect us to local businesses. Our relationship with them is continuous and on-going.

BNI and Maitland Business Chambers


Local sporting clubs and groups

Maitland Blacks

We are thrilled to continue to be partnered with local sporting clubs and groups including Maitland Blacks to demonstrate our ongoing commitment. Tooth n Care is a major sponsor for Maitland Rugby team Maitland Blacks. It is the biggest club in the region and has approximately 6000 members.

Maintland Blacks

Maitland football club Magpies

We also support Maitland football club Magpies. Our association helps a lot of younger children to get mouthguard at subsidised rates and also our financial contributions allow them to get sporting gear for themselves.

Tooth n care has also sponsored many sports events in our local community like Mai-Wel play-well.


New South Wales Police

We proudly sponsor the official journal of the police association of NSW

Seniors Discount:

We offer a 5% senior discount as a gesture to help our elderly. (60+)

Association with our neighbouring businesses:

Teale CAFE

Our clients can receive a $20 Teale Cafe Voucher for referring us to other people.

Please feel free to ask us for details..

Teale CAFE
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