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Childrens dentistry

Childrens dentistry

Let us care for the ones you love most.

When to first take a child to the dentist is a very common question amongst parents. It might seem like a very young age but certainly by two years of age all children should have been to the dentist at least once. Ideally the first visit does not reveal any concerns. After the first visit, six monthly visits should continue for a general check-up.

Tooth n Care offers a full range of dental services for infants, children and adolescents. Services include general dental maintenance and oral hygiene advice, restorative treatment, extractions, select orthodontic work, custom-fitted mouthguards and more..

Whilst we love seeing patients just for regular check-ups, we also specialize in complex cases where extensive treatment may be required, and/or where the patient is too young or too anxious to simply have the work done in the chair we over Pain-free/sedation dentistry. In some rare cases treatment under general anesthesia at Tooth n Care can be arranged.

Please see New Child Dental Benefit Scheme to know how you can save $1000.00 on your little ones dental treatment.

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No dental visit should be unpleasant or uncomfortable. At tooth and care our dental specialists are trained to ensure that every clinical procedure is carried out painlessly, safely and effectively...

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The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a new child dental benefits program by Australian Government. It gives eligible children access to up to $1000 in benefits per child for dental services over ...

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