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Many teeth are often broken or lost in different sporting accidents. Although mouthguards are worn by some participants to avoid such incidents while playing a sport, there are still many injuries because “stock mouthguard” or “boil and bite mouthguard” ARE NOT EFFECTIVE.

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends anyone who participates in a sport that carries a risk of contact to the face should wear a professional “custom fit mouth-guard” to prevent dental injuries from occurring or reducing their severity.

A good mouthguard should be of sufficient thickness in the correct areas, resilient, well retained, comfortable, and should not interfere with speaking and breathing. To accomplish all these requirements, custom mouthguards emerges as an incredible choice.

Tooth n Care is reputed for offering custom mouthguard and splints in East Maitland. Your custom fit mouthguard will be comfortable, provide you with maximum protection and could save you from extensive dental treatment, concussion and jaw injuries. A variety of colours and patterns are available with us for you to choose from.

As part of our dedication to the prevention of dental sporting injuries, we provide custom-fitted sports mouthguards to our patients at health fund rebate only.

It typically takes 2 dentist appointments to receive a custom-made mouth-guard. During the 1st visit, our dentist takes a bite record and makes an impression of your teeth. These will be used to create a custom-made mouth-guard that allows for proper teeth alignment. During the 2nd visit, the patient gives the mouth-guard a test run and our dentist makes the necessary adjustments.

To recover from teeth grinding or clenching problem,

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Often we observe that during periods of stress (and even some medications) cause certain people to grind their teeth at night. When this occurs, the jaws produce up to 30 times the bite force of chewing, and usually, the front teeth bear the brunt of the force.

If you suffer from teeth grinding or clenching (bruxism), then visiting Tooth and Care will prove very beneficial for you. 

Our dentist may prescribe an occlusal splint to help you manage the problem. We are renowned for mouthguard and splints in East Maitland. Splints are custom made and fit over either the upper or lower teeth, preventing the upper and lower teeth from touching and absorbing the impact of the grinding or clenching. Splints are worn while sleeping or during stressful periods in the day to protect your teeth from wearing down and help reduce enamel damage, jaw joint inflammation, and gum irritation.

There are also lifestyle changes and things you can do at home that might negate the need to have an occlusal splint made.

Ask our team at Tooth n Care to explain how this might help you.

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