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There is no reason as to why we can’t keep our natural teeth healthy for life by maintaining oral hygiene and following routine clean-ups. General Dentistry is all about that; the most important part of dentistry. And at Tooth n Care and we take it seriously. If problems are caught and treated early, we can prevention more serious conditions to take place.
Everyone Desires A Healthy, Beautiful & Confident Smile! It can raise your self-confidence and help you instantly make a great impression on others. Cosmetic dentistry is the range of dental treatments aimed specifically at enhancing the aesthetics, color and shape of your teeth. treating a number of common aesthetic dental issues including crooked,
Let Us Care For The Ones You Love Most. When to first take a child to the dentist is a very common question amongst parents. It might seem like a very young age but certainly by two years of age all children should have been to the dentist at least once. Ideally the first visit does not reveal any concerns.
Restorative Dentistry refers to the "restoration" or rebuilding of your teeth which have been damaged by dental caries (decay) or by traumatic injury, but can also include restoring or improving the appearance, shape, alignment or color of your teeth. Restorative Dentistry includes the restoration of both the function of your teeth as well as their appearance.

Welcome to Tooth n care

Tooth n Care is a brand new, state of the art Dental Clinic in East Maitland offering a  full range of dental services catering to you and your family.

At Tooth n Care, we strive to create beautiful and healthy smiles, giving you a holistic dental care experience in a clean and comfortable ambience.

Our focus is completely on you and we are committed to understanding and meeting your needs as a patient.

To achieve this we communicate with you to build a trustworthy relationship.

  • what's bothering you?
  • We do a thorough consultation with you to understand your oral health concerns and goals

  • what’s going on?
  • We look into the problem areas in detail and discuss them with you with your rectification options

  • what we are going to do?
  • We discuss with you your Custom Treatment Plan  to achieve your goal.

  • what will be the results?
  • Lastly we discuss the outcome inside/out

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A good smile can make the people around you happy. A good smile can make the world around you happier. Here are some success stories that will let you know how we helped people to have a beautiful smile.

Very professional and efficient. Our family dentist
Diya Bhandari
Great team tried n tested Should be a great success
Heather Maley
Friendly , clean and very professional. Congratulations.
Melanie Jeffriess

Smile Gallery

If you are too embarrassed to smile, we can help you rebuild it. Here are a few examples of what we can do:


Get to know from us about the latest happenings on the dental field. Whatever is occurring around you, you can find everything at our site.

Replacing Multiple Teeth With Implants

If you are missing several adjacent teeth, you cannot smile, chew or speak freely. You can replace the missing teeth with implants for each tooth or have them replaced with an implant bridge. An implant bridge, which is made up of dental implants, abutments, and the dental bridge is a more affordable option.The jawbone at the gap where adjacent teeth are missing tends to shrink at a fast ...

Who Needs Restorative Dentistry?

If you are hiding at parties, ducking out of photo ops, and struggling to smile in conversations for fear of showing your teeth, it can be fixed. Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that specializes in restoring the function and esthetic state of a mouth. It does not require any extra certification on the doctor's part, but certain dentists choose to specialize in it becau...

Missing Natural Teeth and The Best Replacement Option

Losing a natural tooth is tough as it causes physical as well as psychological problems together. It takes away the charm of your smile and dents the glow of facial aesthetics. Your overall personality too gets a hit and this is how your confidence goes for a toss. You start evading the very people you loved spending time with as you now fear of cutting a sorry figure in front of them. Yo...

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