Mouth Guards And Splint in Morpeth

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Mouth Guards And Splint in Morpeth

Mouth Guards And Splint in Morpeth

Protecting Through Mouth Guards and Splints

Contact sports often leave behind a set of broken teeth. These sportsmen and women seek to protect their set of pearly whites by using guards. Sports which are not of contact nature but pose a high risk of injury, like gymnastics, also require the use of mouth guards. Mouth guards or mouth splints are also used to prevent teeth grinding.

Mouth guards and splints – boon for sports persons

There are several types of mouth guardsavailable in the market, stock mouth guards, boil and bite mouth guards and custom fit mouth guards. The most preferred ones are the custom fit mouth guards.

Providing the perfect fit.

Our Mouth Guard and Splints services in Morpeth are known for their ‘fits’.  Our dentists take utmost care in creating the perfect mouth guard so that it forms the required protection for the teeth. If you need one, drop in for a consultation today.

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